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Nutritional Therapy

Our Nutritional Therapy is based on a foundational holistic approach to nutrition that honors the bio-individuality of our bodies. We use specific tools for managing clients and assessing the body’s nutritional deficiencies using the body’s innate intelligence, thoughtfully prepared whole foods, and lifestyle factors.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine providers spend time listening and gathering personal history, physical exams and testing.  We use this information to identify the root cause(s) of the illness, including triggers such as poor nutrition, stress, toxins, allergens, genetics and your microbiome (the bacteria living in and on your body).

Taking care of your health

Try Our Weight Loss Program

If you go to the doctor in a conventional setting for diabetes, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues or other complaints, you might be told to lose weight with little guidance about how to do so. Or, if you are given guidance, you might be referred to various weight loss programs or given a handout on a low-calorie or low-carb or fasting diet. 

What Makes Us Different

As a Doctor of Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, I  approach one's health, first, by using 'food as medicine', followed by lifestyle changes to promote well being, and lastly, supplementation to support healing from a cellular level.  Allowing your body to make improvements that can better your wellbeing and optimize your health goals.  

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